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Mission and Strategic Priorities of the Leavey School of Business

The Mission Statement for the Leavey School of Business defines our values, our distinctive characteristics, our goals, and our motivation. The mission statement sets a standard for our activities that is consistent with our aspirations. It offers a way to differentiate the Santa Clara Business School experience, and it leaves open the opportunity for the development of new curriculum, new scholarly pursuits, and new programs that change our students and our community.

Our Mission

The Leavey School of Business is a community dedicated to innovative learning and scholarship that transforms people, ideas, and organizations to create prosperity here and around the world. We blend theory and practice, find inspiration in Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial spirit, and are committed to a collaborative learning environment that develops leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion.

Our Strategic Priorities

In support of our mission, we establish three strategic priorities:

  1. Build a rich academic foundation and transformative learning experiences for our students
  2. Increase the quality and prominence of our scholarship
  3. Create strong partnerships with the business community and our alumni


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