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Leavey Research Seminar Series 

The Leavey Research Seminar Series features research presentations by scholars from the Leavey School of Business.

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Leavey Research Seminar Series: Teaching with R : William Sundstrom

noon to 1:00 PM

William Sundstrom, professor of economics, presents "Adventures in Teaching and Learning Data Analysis with R" -- a lunchtime seminar looking at the program and Sunstrom's experience in teaching it at the undergraduate level.

What is R? Why should faculty use R in teaching stats instead of Excel, SPSS, Stata, and so on? What are the advantages and challenges of R in the classroom? How R works in a class such as Econ 41/42 (Data Analysis and Econometrics). How will R impact our teaching in the future?

Business School Dean's Office
Marianne Farag
Tel 408-554-4341
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