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The Research Seminar Series feature nationally and internationally renowned scholars from all business disciplines and serves as a forum for conversations on leading edge research.

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Chairs Research Seminar Series: Andrew Hargadon : UC Davis

noon to 1:15 PM

Andrew Hargadon of UC Davis presents his latest research.

Title: "Between conception and creation: Uncertainty, commitment, and the innovation of penicillin"  

Abstract: Penicillin represents both one of the most significant medical breakthroughs of the modern era, and one of the most widely known and misrepresented histories of scientific discovery.  Historical narratives of scientific discovery and innovation typically focus on the roles of chance and insight. Lesser roles are granted to the efforts and accomplishments needed to convert those insights into shared facts, artifacts, and institutions.  However, recalling T.S. Eliot, between the idea and the reality, the conception and the creation, falls the shadow.  This talk draws from historical records of those involved in penicillin's development to consider the roles of uncertainty and commitment in the innovation process, and explores the broader implications for research on innovation. 

A boxed lunch will be provided.


Lucas Hall, Forbes Family Conference Center

Business School Dean's Office
Ellen Peterson
Tel 408-554-4523
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