Santa Clara University

Raymond Yu

2014-2015 Advisory Board Merit Scholar

Raymond Yu, recipient of the Andrew & Joyce Miller Advisory Board Merit Scholarship recently joined the Leavey School of Business to earn his MBA. He is currently working full-time as a manager in the NPI (New Product Introduction) organization at Intuitive Surgical, a Sunnyvale based $15 Billion global leader in the rapidly emerging field of robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery.

We talked to him about his experiences with the Leavey School of Business so far:
Why did you decide to go back to school?
I went back to school primarily to advance my skills in leading innovative organizations.  Intuitive Surgical is a fast paced extremely innovative company, the global leader in the rapidly emerging field of robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery.  Although having strong technical skills and some management skills learned on the job, I felt I needed more formal training.  I found myself rapidly facing new challenges as a manager, lacking the luxury of time to learn from my own mistakes.  I felt an MBA would accelerate my professional growth by leveraging the experiences of others.  I respect a great number of leaders at my company all whom have advanced degrees in management so going back to school made sense.
Why did you choose SCU?
I specifically chose LSB for several reasons; the student body, alignment of values, curriculum, flexibility and convenience.  Consisting of working Silicon Valley professionals like myself, the student body at LSB face similar management challenges.  Santa Clara's philosophy of educating the whole person; educating for competence, conscience, and compassion is also in alignment with my values.  I believe in giving back to the community and that technology should be used for the greater good.  The curriculum, particularly the concentration "Leading Innovative Organizations" is very much aligned with my professional goals.  Flexibility of the evening MBA program and convenience of the campus being only minutes from work allows me to continue working full-time and immediately apply the skills learned in class.  
What do you hope the Leavey School of Business will do for you?
I am hoping the skills I learn and the network I build through LSB will advance my skills in leading innovative organizations.  Throughout my career I have always been passionate about innovation and developing technology. That passion has led me along the path from engineer to managing and leading teams through the challenges of new product introduction.  Building upon a foundation of broad work experience and leadership skills an MBA would augment my technical acumen with management perspective.
What do you think of your experiences here so far?
I have been very happy so far with the instructors, courses and the relevancy of course material.  The instructors are not only knowledgeable about their subjects but bring a practicality and wisdom from real industry experience, some serving as VPs and CFOs at local Silicon Valley companies.  I have also met a diverse group of professionals from various industries through the program.  It has been refreshing to hear their perspectives and differing viewpoints. Overall, although challenging to balance working full time and school, the experience has been rewarding and well worth the effort.






MBA student

Andrew & Joyce Miller Advisory Board Merit Scholar