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Get To Know Our Staff

Each week we are releasing a new profile on our staff members. Check back in periodically to learn more about our staff.

  • Dee Crosby 100x100Dee Crosby

    Certified Equity Professionals Institute (CEPI) 

  • Elizabeth-Ford-100x100Elizabeth Ford

    Assistant Dean
    Assessment and Accreditation 
  • Tammy-Fox-100x100Tammy Fox

    Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Erika-French-Arnold100x100Erika French-Arnold

    Assistant Director
    Food and Agribusiness Institute 

  • Cynthia-Gamage-100x100Cynthia Gamage

    Associate Director
    Retail Management Institute
    Retail Studies Program
    Retail Consortium for Management Education 

  • Tiffiny-GillinghamTiffiny Gillingham

    Assistant Director
    MSIS Admissions
  • Karen-Kaiser-100x100Karen Hall-Kaiser

    Assistant Director of Student Life
    Business School’s Graduate Programs
  • Linda-Jenkins-100x100Linda Jenkins

    Program Manager
    Entrepreneurship Programs, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship   
  • Bridget-Kerwin-100x100Bridget Kerwin

    Assistant Director
    Graduate Business Admissions
  • Bill-Mains-100x100Bill Mains

    Sustainability and Leadership Development
    Undergraduate Business Programs 
  • Channing-McCabe-100x100Channing McCabe

    Senior Administrative Assistant
    OMIS Department
  • Bill-Middleton-100x100Bill Middleton

    Information Systems Manager

    Leavey School of Business
  • Bev-OlivoBev Olivo

    Senior Administrative Assistant
    Undergraduate Business Programs
  • Alex-Paulin-100x100Alex Paulin

    EMBA, AMBA, and MS Programs
  • Hayley-Redburn-100x100Hayley Redburn

    Senior Administrative Assistant
    Retail Management Institute

  • Connie-Rice-100x100Connie Rice

    Academic Advising and Support Services 
    Undergraduate Business Programs

  • Jenny Sullivan100x100Jenny Sullivan

    Assistant Director, Chapters & Groups
    Alumni Association 

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