Santa Clara University

Shrenik Jain

Product Manager and Performance Architect, Oracle

Shrenik is a Product Manager and Performance Architect at Oracle. He is a current MBA student expecting to graduate in the spring of 2015. We talked with him about his experience with the Leavey School of Business. 

Why are you seeking an advanced degree? 
I have been in technology engineering positions for years and developed a very strong expertise. I know I can take my experience to the next level by furthering my knowledge in business to help me make informed decisions that will accelerate the business. I consider an advanced degree in business administration a strong asset to achieve my dream.

Why did you choose the Leavey School of Business? 
The Leavey School of Business is based on the heart of Silicon Valley, is well-connected with technology companies, and has a strong alumni network, all of which played into why it was my first choice.

How has your coursework been affected by Santa Clara's emphasis on ethics? How does that carry over in your business outlook?
The Leavey School of Business puts great emphasis on ethics. Before joining the business school my perception of ethics was somewhat loose, but after going through the program my definition of ethics has become more concrete. I have developed the ability to know where to draw a line when the situation provokes the desire to go south.

How do you get involved with student life outside the classroom?
I was President of the International Business Network for the 2012-13 year. It was a remarkable experience as it helped me to connect with CEOs and CIOs of technology firms in the Silicon Valley. My team and I organized a lot of events, guest lectures and networking nights.

How has your perspective on business changed as a result of furthering your education? 
As I am working through this business education, I see the world as an enterprise. Before I joined the business school my views were more focused on a particular task; now I am more aware of how my tasks fit in the overall success of the organization. I have seen the benefit at my work as well, where my managers see in me a more responsible person, and on top of that, someone who they can trust to accelerate the business.

How do you see technology changing business in the future? 
It’s a known fact that technology is driving the existing era with a lot of work that still needs to be done. Whether it is B2B or B2C, technology is everywhere. In the future, I think the role of technology will be more focused on simplifying the business processes to a greater extent. So far there are many solutions in the market, but the one that differentiates itself from the rest will be the one that delivers simplified solutions that exceed customer needs and works as a business partner rather than just a technology vendor.







MBA '15 (expected)

Product Manager and Performance Architect