Santa Clara University

Bora Kara MBA '11

Financial Analyst, Gap Inc.

“I don’t think I could have earned an MBA if I didn’t have that quarter-to-quarter flexibility that Santa Clara offers.”                  – Bora Kara

The value of a personal and professional network is not lost on Santa Clara alumnus Bora Kara. Throughout his years at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business, he forged relationships with his peers that he still fosters today. “I met a lot of my friends through classes we took together,” Kara explained. “We became closer through working on projects, and eventually, we became like family.”

Being a recent graduate, Kara uses his Santa Clara network in more personal ways right now, but he knows it is going to help professionally down the line. “I can reach out to those people if I want to make any changes, or I can ask for their advice on how they’d handle certain situations in the business world,” he said. “As we each grow in our careers, I think those relationships are going to be quite important.”

Working full-time as Kara does makes it difficult to go back to school. “The most important thing when I was choosing which school to attend was the part-time aspect of the Leavey School of Business’ program,” said Kara. “I was able to go to work during the day and attend school at night. Not only was the part-time aspect great, but the flexibility the program offered was huge. I was able to schedule my classes in a way that gave me a work-school balance. If I was busy with work, I could take a lighter course load.”

Besides the Santa Clara network and the part-time flexibility of Leavey’s Evening MBA program, the thing that stood out most to Kara was what took place in the classrooms.  “The best part about the Santa Clara program was the focus on real-life experiences,” he explained. “The faculty are professionals who’ve been in the field, and because of their own experiences, they were able to convey how things work in the real world. Most of the students shared their life and career experiences as well, which are things you can’t get from a textbook. What I learned from my professors and fellow classmates I have been able to use and apply to both my career and my life.” 






MBA '11

Financial Analyst

Gap, Inc.