Santa Clara University

Leaders for the Information Age

The "Leaders for the Information Age" program is a community service program which organizes undergraduate students to travel to local elementary schools for the purpose of teaching essential math and reading skills through computer technology. Under the direction of the OMIS Student Network, the program attempts to locate local schools with low technology budgets and helps to bring both computer equipment, training, and support to these schools. Volunteers help schools to acquire and setup computers, network the machines, purchase and install software, train teachers on how to use and maintain the software, and tutor students using the software installed.

The program concept was born during the 2000-2001 academic year. Since then, the program has served Bagby Elementary School in Campbell, St. Cyrpian Elementary School in Sunnyvale, and Cory Elementary School in San Jose. In 2001, the program was awarded the University award for "Outstanding New Educational Program," and in both 2001 and 2002 the program received the Leavey School of Business award for Exceptional Service to the Community. The OSN plans to expand the program by partnering with other on-campus organizations to help serve more elementary schools.

Contact us for more information about the program or if you would like to participate.

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