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2013-0719 [財訊雙週刊, Wealth Magazine (Taiwan)]: 美國製造回來了台灣科技大廠急卡位 (US manufacturing returns home; Taiwanese high-tech manufacturers jockey for position)

In the cover story of the July 19, 2013, issue of Taiwan's Wealth Magazine (財訊雙週刊), Professor Tsay analyzes the recent announcements by Apple and Google (Motorola division) of their intention to manufacture some products in the US, and what this reshoring means for Taiwanese contract manufacturers and suppliers. 

Wealth Magazine is the oldest and one of the most influential business magazines in Taiwan. Since 1974, it has provided news and analysis of business developments for investors and decision-makers in the corporate and government sectors. Circulation is roughly 100,000 copies per issue.

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