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Ways to Get Involved

Components of NPI include:

NPIBUSN 188: (Field Studies: LSB Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative) is a 2 unit course offered several times a year to introduce students to local low-income neighborhoods and their businesses.The course satisfies the core requirement for Experiential Learning for Social Justice. Students complete 16 hours of direct service in the community during the quarter through participation in class projects designed to apply classroom learnings to organizations and businesses in the local community. The course will be offered in Fall quarter 2013.

NPI Fellows: Several paid internships (NPI Fellowships) will be available each year for undergraduate students to work on projects in organizations working in low income neighborhoods on issues related to economic development.The internship commitment will be for 2 quarters and will include the opportunity for the Fellow to develop his or her own projects in collaboration with the internship supervisor. NPI Fellows enroll each quarter in the NPI Seminar (credit-bearing independent study).

Washington Elementary Resume Workshop

Independent Projects: Students interested in working on projects in the neighborhood—possibly as a continuation of activities begun in BUSN 188—may go through the approval process for independent study. All students doing an independent project connected to NPI will enroll in the NPI Seminar.

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