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Student Experiences

“I learned so much about myself and the community.”
Billy Bouzos '14
"Grand Reopening, the celebration of all of our efforts in the community, happened on May 30th 2015, with numerous support from all involved; even the Mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo made an appearance. We gathered together on that day to hear of each of the respective groups accomplishments, enjoy the company of our peers, and meet and interact even further with the community members and business owners, who we have come to know over our time in this project." – Lauren Betschart, Team Sidhu Market 

"The Grand Reopening was a great reminder of how much fun we’ve had and what a difference we have made. Seeing the smiles on the business owners faces made every speed bump along the way worth the stress." - Marti Sollenberger, Team La Mejor Taqueria

Quotes from students about their experience with the Yolanda's Market project:

"Working with Yolanda's Market has definitely been a humbling experience. It has reminded me that the knowledge and skills I have gained can be used for the greater good. Not only that, but it has definitely reinforced my growing passion for micro-finance." ~Alexa Vergara, '13

"Working with Yolanda's Market has been a blessing. Not only have we been able to apply the business skills and savvy we have developed in school to a real-life situation, but we have also been given the opportunity to work with a great person behind a business that exists to help make the community a better place – something that I believe every business should embrace." ~Bryce Yee, '13

"Working with Yolanda's Market has given me a new view of the business world. It has shown me how valuable the local community is for small businesses. In order to make Yolanda's Market a success, we need to start with her community to determine their wants and needs and to show how Yolanda can fulfill them." ~Samantha Peterson, '13

"Working with Yolanda and the Washington neighborhood has been a rewarding experience. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to engage in a community much unlike my own and develop relationships. I really like how I was able to translate what I am learning in the classroom to a real life application and feel that I better understand how the business world is not as black and white as it may be portrayed in class." ~Karisma Garcia-Valencia, '15

"Although we have the conceptual knowledge on how to run businesses like Yolanda's Market, real businesses are much more difficult and complex. Not only do we have to deal with the financial and physical appearance of the business, we also have to acknowledge the emotional aspect from Yolanda and her family. It is a very fragile balance between fixing what we see to be wrong and changing whom Yolanda is and why she chose to do those things in the first place." ~Shelby Reed, '13

"Working with Yolanda's has been an incredibly rewarding and enlightening experience.  Within just one quarter, I was able to learn so much about the function of a business, both on a personal and academic level.  It has been more than a case study, as I have been given the opportunity to involve myself on a much deeper level than most classes can provide." ~Teddy Chivetta, '15

"This initiative is teaching me invaluable lessons about how to work with a team and collaborate with others to achieve an ultimate goal." ~Zac Laval, '15

"It takes careful and precise planning to really make a difference and after weeks of that type of discussion and planning we know what we have to do and have the ability to make a real difference." ~Blake Leamy, '15

"Since starting the process of working with Yolanda's Market I have learned so much from her. I love that she is so open to being helped, but it has been challenging to know where we draw the line between help and taking things over. We have so many great ideas as a class, but we need to focus on what is realistic and what is going to truly make her business grow even more." ~Ashlyn Selland, '15

 NPI Team 1.0

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