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Catering with a Cause

Founded in 2009 with funding from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, Catering with a Cause is a full service catering company created by the Center for Employment Training (CET) as a job creation project. CET is a unique job training institution dedicated to individuals in our community who are on a path to success and self-sufficiency. In over four decades, CET has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of lives in communities throughout the nation.

You, too, have the opportunity to directly impact the lives of people in your community. Every dollar of profit generated by Catering with a Cause is reinvested back to job training programs and supportive services at CET. By choosing Catering with a Cause, you're not only hiring a professional caterer, but also helping to create opportunities for the future. For every occasion and catering need, choosing Catering with a Cause makes a difference, both for your event and the community.

CEO and StudentCooking in the Kitchen

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