Santa Clara University


Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI)

Observations from students working on the Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative.

  •  Peng Li Su - La Mejor Taqueria #2

    Wednesday, May. 20, 2015
    Peng Li Su describes thoughts on the LPI assessment and where they are at with renovation to La Mejor Taqueria #2.
  •  Anthony Hascheff - A Small Portrait of Washington

    Tuesday, May. 19, 2015
    Anthony reflects on his experiences and the lessons he's learned during his fellowship in the Washington neighborhood.
  •  Emily Torpey - Perfumeria Jimena

    Monday, May. 18, 2015
    Emily recounts what the NPI class and her group were up to the past week.
  •  Emily Lacey-Gordon - Center for Employment Training: The Grand Opening

    Friday, May. 15, 2015
    Emily describes the work she did during her fellowship for the Grand Opening of the new CET location.
  •  Christine Kuhns - Sidhu Market

    Wednesday, May. 13, 2015
    Christine reflects on the takeaways of her time with NPI and Sidhu's Market.
  •  Aidan O'Neill - Perfuma Jimena / Amigo Wireless

    Friday, May. 8, 2015
    Aidan recaps the progress his group and CET has made with these two companies and details the grand reopening happening to celebrate the end of their work!
  •  Madelyn Smith - Sidhu Market

    Thursday, May. 7, 2015
    Madelyn recounts what her group has been able to achieve with Sidhu's Market and explains their plans for the grand reopening celebration.
  •  Karisma Garcia-Valencia - Office of Mayor Sam Liccardo

    Thursday, May. 7, 2015
    Karisma reflects on her time spent working in the Office of Mayor Sam Liccardo for her NPI Fellowship.
  •  Alfred Edmonds - La Mejor Taqueria

    Tuesday, May. 5, 2015
    Alfred describes the progress his team, along with CET, are making on the renovations to La Mejor Taqueria, and the possibilities in the future.
  •  Hunter Reed - Sidhu Market

    Monday, May. 4, 2015
    Hunter details some of the road blocks his team has experienced and how they have found solutions that work for everyone.
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