Santa Clara University



2011-2012 – NPI 1.0
  • ELSJ 197 approved as pilot course, first offered in Winter 2012
  • Interviewed Business Owners
  • Compiled a database about the vacancies along South First Street in San Jose
  • Compiled a database from interviews with business owners along South First Street in San Jose
  • Provided the above documents to the city of San Jose and San Jose State University
  • Formed close ties with various organizations in the neighborhood
  • Volunteered with the Madre a Madre and Camino Contigo parent involvement groups
  • Volunteered with Mariposas (for girls), Adelantes (for boys), and China Club after school student groups
  • Interviewed local leaders and created profiles
  • Attended and presented at 2 neighborhood council meetings
  • Spoke with both the Dean of the Business School and San Jose District 3 Councilmember Sam Liccardo about our findings
  • Created the "Map Room" in Lucas 115 which serves as a visual of the Washington neighborhood, the types of businesses present, vacancies, photos, and major landmarks
2011-2012 – NPI 2.0/2.1
  • NPI website goes live, with student blog posts and profiles
  • NPI Student Association (NPISA) founded as a RSO (Registered Student Organization) through ASG (Associated Student Government)
  • New course, BUSN 188, approved (fulfills ELSJ core requirement), offered in Winter 2013
  • Interviewed CET alumni and created video “success stories”
  • Began working with Yolanda Arteaga, owner of Yolanda's Market & Catering:
    • Established online presence through Yelp and other listings
    • Redesigned menu and business cards
    • Began market analysis and developed recommendations for store layout
    • Created website and Facebook page
    • Procured label maker software and assisted with use to update labels to reflect current prices
    • Input inventory into POS system, and wrote bilingual guide to POS system, view it here
  • Initiated NPI Fellows program - paid internships in non-profit organizations in the local community: first 2 Fellows placed at CET (Catering With a Cause and Industrial Relations), Learn more about each of the NPI Fellows here
  • NPI partners with Alpha Kappa Psi to present resume-writing workshop to 4th and 5th grade students at Washington Elementary School
  • Participate in visit of 5th grade students from Washington Elementary School--students visit LSB
2013-2014 NPI 3.0/3.1
  • Mapped businesses in Washington neighborhood through interviews with businesses
  • Distributed applications for Wells Fargo Small Business Renovation
  • Grant program to local businesses
  • Continued working with Yolanda's Market & Catering:
    • Market analysis and price comparison with local competition
    • Refined website, Facebook page, Twitter
    • Presented recommendations to Yolanda
  • Resume-writing workshop for mothers at Washington Elementary School
  • Resume-writing and interview preparation (for middle school application process) workshop for 5th graders at Washington Elementary School
  • 5 NPI Fellows (Winter-Spring 2014) placed at CET (Director's Office, Industrial Relations), Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits, San Jose City Council District 3, Washington Elementary School)
  • BUSN 198 (Practicum) offered
  • Students work in teams of 3 with 5 businesses selected for participation in Wells Fargo Small Business Renovation Grant Program

Yolanda's Re-Opening

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