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 Colin West: Recession Spurs a Successful Busniess for '09 College Grad: Palisades Post

Wednesday, Apr. 27, 2011

Colin West, BSC 2009, was recently profiled in the Palisades Post, the local paper in Pacific Palisades, the town in which West grew up.  He graduated with a degree in management at a time when the job market looked grim.  As West stated, “To get a job in this economy, you have to know exactly what you want and do anything it takes to get it.  It made me realize I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, and it forced me to take a step back and examine what I really do want in my life.  In a sense, it pushed me into a mid- life crisis very early, which I see as a good thing.”  

That realization led West to think about his affinity for dogs, in which he saw an opportunity.  In January of this year he launched Colin’s Pack, a dog hiking company.  The company outfits dogs with weighted backpacks for the hikes and allows them to release the energy they are unable to in their typically sedentary lives.  West currently has four regular clients but hopes to grow his business and hire ‘Pack Leaders’ to take on some of the hiking responsibility.

Visit Colin’s Pack’s website here >>

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