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 MBA students represent SCU at SABR Analytics Conference

Tuesday, Apr. 1, 2014

Last month MBA candidates Jason Kunkel, Mark Peters, Ry Sanderson, Michael Watson, and Doug Wilson represented Santa Clara University at the SABR Analyltics Conference, which highlights how data analytics are being used in sports—specifically Major League Baseball (MBL). 

At the conference, the SCU team participated with teams from top business and law schools in the “Diamond Dollars Case Competition.” Among the competitors were Carnegie-Mellon, University of Chicago, Duke University (the ultimate winner), and Tulane University.

The case asked teams to evaluate the top three ‘pitching assets’ in the game today, selecting the pitchers who will generate the greatest value to a team over the balance of his years under contract—the type of decision presented to a team’s general manager and the staff over the course of a season.  

“We learned to apply an analytical hierarchy process, scrape twitter and articles for a sentiment analysis, and how to apply risk to data analytics using Monte Carlo,” said MBA student Michael Watson. 

SABR (Society of American Baseball Research) has been called “the Phi Beta Kappa of baseball, providing scholarship which the sport has long needed.”

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