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  •  Trustees approve MS in Supply Chain Management, BSC in Individual Studies

    Thursday, Jul. 2, 2015 8:54 AM

    The SCU Board of Trustees approved two new degree programs for LSB on June 5, 2015. 

    New Graduate Degree
    The MS in Supply Chain Management is a four-quarter, full-time program designed to equip students for entry-level positions in supply chain divisions of large companies as well as consulting companies at the forefront of new supply chain solutions. Graduates will gain a solid understanding of the complex relationship between supply constraints, customer needs and competition, in the context of big data that resides on and is delivered through sophisticated information technology. 

    Recruiting for the new MS degree will begin in Fall 2015 for a summer 2016 start. Contact Naren Agrawal for more information. 

    New Undergraduate Major
    Most undergraduate students at Santa Clara University seem satisfied to select a major or majors from among the many options available in the standard curriculum. However, some highly motivated students may desire to craft an interdisciplinary program of study that is not available within the confines of existing off-the-shelf majors or minors. Until now, this kind of “DIY” major has been available only in the College of Arts & Sciences and School of Engineering. 

    By approving the new LSB major in Individual Studies, the Trustees have made it possible for students pursuing the BSC degree to design their own course of study with a multidisciplinary perspective, guided by a faculty advisor.

    Details can be obtained from Bill Sundstrom, Faculty Director of Undergraduate Business Programs. 

  •  Two Business School faculty receive Hackworth Grants

    Wednesday, Jul. 1, 2015 9:22 AM

    Congratulations to professors Hoje Jo and William Sundstrom for receiving Hackworth Grants from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. 

    Hoje Jo, Gerald and Bonita Wilkinson Professor of Finance, received $2500 for his project “Seeking Legitimacy through CSR: Evidence from Controversial Industries.” This grant will support research into the question of whether and how certain industries, e.g. alcohol, gambling, tobacco, and firearms, use ideas of “corporate social responsibility” to improve their public image and gain legitimacy. Funds will be used for travel and associated expenses with attending a conference where this research will be presented.

    William Sundstrom, professor of economics, received $3600 for his project “Santa Clara Income and Poverty Studies (SCIPS) Initiative.” This project will pay for student assistants who will do background research into data sources, analysis and preliminary construction of a website to act as a “digital clearinghouse” for data related to poverty, income inequality, and economic justice in Silicon Valley.

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