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  •  Explore the World with Global Fellows

    Friday, Nov. 13, 2015 11:51 AM

    Expand your knowledge and experience abroad as a Global Fellow! This nine-month multi-disciplinary leadership program offered through the Leavey School of Business is open to sophomores and juniors of all majors. Fellows work 5-8 weeks in developing countries around the world with an NGO or business that embodies the ideal of global leadership and reflects the increasing level of globalization in our world.  The program currently has placements in the following countries: 

    Bolivia—Work in sustainable architecture, sustainable fashion, or technology in education.
    The Gambia—Work with a non-profit empowering girls through education.
    Ghana—Work with an organization to eradicate poverty for women and youth through economic empowerment.
    India—Work with an organization combatting sex trafficking through economic empowerment, a for-profit investment firm, or an environmental development firm working to empower youth as change agents.
    Indonesia—Work with the Institute of Energy and Economics to inform people of the benefits of sustainable resource management.
    Nepal—Work for social change and economic empowerment for women.
    Turkey—Work in cultural heritage and exchange or global networking of women.

    Read about past Fellows’ experiences at the Global Fellows blog

    Come learn more about the Global Fellows Program at an upcoming open house: 
    November 18th from 7-8 pm in Kennedy Commons
    January 6th from 7-8 in the Williman Room in Benson

    Applications open November 18th. 
  •  MBA students awarded Merit Scholarship

    Friday, Nov. 6, 2015 9:34 AM

    MBA students Brandy Bassett and Basil Newburn are this year’s recipients of the annual Advisory Board Merit Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to first-year graduate business students with exceptional academic backgrounds. We spoke with them about their experience in business and their time at the Leavey School of Business so far.  Find their profiles below:

    Brandy Bassett
    MBA ’17 (expected)
    Hoping to expand and develop his skill set while connecting to a new network, Brandy chose Santa Clara for his MBA because of its connections in Silicon Valley and its focus on social and ethical aspects of business. 
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    Basil Newburn
    MBA ’18 (expected)
    Currently a finance consultant with LeighFisher, a boutique management consultancy focused on the aviation industry, he most admires those who have been professionally successful while also making valuable contributions to society such as David Attenborough, Galen Rowell, Charlie Munger, Wallace Stevens, and Steve Fossett.
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