Core business requirements (4 courses required)

Provides students with an understanding of the "context" in which information systems operate. These courses allow students to have some of the basic knowledge of business and organization requirements that will assist students to understand both how information systems are designed and how they can successfully be implemented.

ACTG 300: Accounting for Business Decisions

Introduces the roles, concepts, principles, legal requirements, and impacts of external financial reporting. Covers basic financial statements and the analysis and recording of transactions, with a focus towards interpretation of reported results. Studies the more common and significant transactions impacting firms. (3 units)

FNCE 451: Financial Management

Introduction to the basic concepts and tools of finance. Review of balance sheet and income statement categories. Emphasis on the time value of money, present value calculations, the opportunity cost of capital, the valuation of simple securities, and evaluating investment opportunities in a capital budgeting system. (3 units)

MGMT 503: Organizational Analysis & Management

The structure and design of organizations: how organizational structure relates to an organization's environment, how it influences the technologies used, and how decisions about structure affect the behavior of individuals in the organization. (3 units)

OMIS 355: Computer-Based Decision Models

Integrative course focusing on use of computer-based models to improve managerial decision making. Teaches rigorous formulation of business decision problems, computer-based solution methods, and interpretation of results. Methods include forecasting, sensitivity and scenario analysis, linear programming, decision trees, and simulation. Applies techniques to problems in operations management, finance, accounting, and marketing. (3 units)


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