Santa Clara University

MSIS Board of Advisors: Debra Martucci


As Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Technology, Debra Martucci is responsible for the Corporate Infrastructure and Engineering Development Environment.  Debra has contributed to the success of many mergers and acquisitions for Synopsys.  She is also responsible for the management of several teams, including Release Engineering, Porting, and Licensing.  These teams provide a strategic advantage for Synopsys by delivering a world-class infrastructure featuring tooling, processes, and metrics. 

Prior to her 14 years at Synopsys, Debra managed Software Simulation teams at NASA in the Space Shuttle Training Division.  Her teams were responsible for developing Object Oriented code for very large scale real-time embedded microprocessors, and data base generation systems for advanced aircraft radar simulation.

Debra earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Physics from North Adams State College in Massachusetts and completed a Masters in Physics from the University of Houston.

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