Faculty in the Leavey School of Business

Entrepreneurship draws on several business disciplines and faculty across the Leavey School of Business are actively teaching and researching in this area. Below are selected bios of Business School entrepreneurship faculty.

Tenured / Tenure-track Faculty

Albert Bruno

William T. Cleary Chair in Marketing
Founding Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Academic Dean, Global Social Benefit Incubator

Professor Al Bruno holds the William T. Cleary chair in Marketing and was the founding director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has published widely in a diverse set of business journals and is the academic dean of the Global Social Benefit Incubator.

Terri Griffith

Professor of Management

Professor Terri Griffith's research and teaching focuses on the integration of technology and process innovation, leadership supporting innovation, the implementation of new technologies, and organizational designs that put these ideas to work. For entrepreneurship audiences, she presents on Origins of Innovation, Negotiation, and Building the Team: Staffing and Talent Management.

Robert Hendershott

Associate Professor of Finance

Associate Professor Robert Hendershott researches widely in private equity, entrepreneurial finance and bank consolidation, and has developed a number of courses related to entrepreneurial finance.

Tammy Madsen

Associate Professor of Management

Associate Professor Tammy L. Madsen's research and teaching interests are at the intersection of strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and competitive dynamics. Her recent research examines how innovation contributes to sustaining an advantage. Tammy's work has received various awards from the Business Policy & Strategy Division of the Academy of Management and appears in a variety of journals.

Sanjay Jain

Assistant Professor of Management

Assistant Professor Sanjay Jain has research and teaching interests in institutional entrepreneurship, innovation management and university technology commercialization.

Kumar Sarangee

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Assistant Professor Kumar Sarangee researches in the areas of innovation and new product development and entrepreneurship, especially in high technology markets.

Jennifer Woolley

Assistant Professor of Management

Assistant Professor Jennifer Woolley studies entrepreneurship and market emergence over time, taking a multi-country perspective reflective of the global nature of business.  She is particularly interested in the infrastructure that influenced the emergence of nanotechnology start-ups. Dr. Woolley has also been the academic dean for the California Program for Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University.


Jonathan Propp

Jonathan Propp is a consultant for hardware and software companies on managing innovation and new product development, and a former director of Systems Architecture for Sun Microsystems.

Theresa Strickland

Theresa Strickland is a member of the Leavey School of Business Advisory Board and has held high-level marketing management positions at companies such as Pottery Barn, Macy's and Cost Plus.

Mark Weiner

Mark Weiner is also a member of the Leavey School's Advisory Board and a Senior Vice-President of Marketing at Virtela, responsible for the company's global marketing strategy.