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Mind@Work: Fall 2011

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Read a good book lately? This latest issue of Minds@Work offers several options, all by Santa Clara business faculty whose topics range from the Great Depression to supply chain management, from investor psychology to the digital workplace.

I invite you to take a look: these books will challenge, delight, and teach you, just as the insightful research conducted by our faculty throughout the year brings new depth to their classrooms and new practices to organizations around Silicon Valley. Then download a volume on your favorite digital device (or stop by the campus bookstore and pick up a copy), and refresh your thinking.


S. Andrew Starbird, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor of Operations & Management Information Systems


Current Minds@Work Fall 2011 Issue
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Fall 2011 Contents

The Depression's Other Face
Alexander J. Field’ new book looks at the reasons behind the broad range of technological advances and innovation that occurred during the Great Depression

It's Not Just the Return
Meir Statman’s new investment book looks at the ways in which investors’ emotions and prejudices affect their finances and how they can come to terms with that.

The Truth's about Leadership
Barry Posner and colleague Jim Kouzes have spent a quarter century looking at the values and character traits behind effective leadership.

Technology and Retail
Stephen Smith and Narendra Agrawal have edited abook about the ways in which computer technology helps retailers with assortment,inventory,sales and pricing.

More Than Technology
Terri Griffith uses the Skwish, a flexible geometric toy, to illustrate how changes in one aspect of an organization or operation affect others, a key argument in her book The Plugged-In Manager.

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