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Undergraduate Program Details

Marketing operates at the cutting edge of a well-managed organization. Development of decision-making and managerial skills are the major objectives of the Department of Marketing program, with special emphasis in innovation, high technology, retailing, and consumer products.

Marketing is the function that links a business to its markets and customers. Marketing acts as the eyes and the ears for a firm, helping managers identify market opportunities and listen to customer needs and wants. It is also the firm’s voice, handling communications with customers and deciding on advertising and sales messages. Finally, strategic marketing addresses competitive threats and opportuni­ties, guiding a firm’s efforts to deliver superior value.

Because customer analysis and competitive advantage are so crucial to business success, a degree in marketing provides a solid foundation for a general management career leading to executive responsibilities. It can also provide the basis for a more focused career in such areas as advertising, retailing, sales, brand management, and market research.


To earn a major in marketing a student must fulfill University Core Curriculum and Leavey School of Business requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree (BSC) degree in addition to the requirements below:

  • a Marketing Core of three required courses: Mktg 181, 182, and 183,
  • one Area of Marketing Emphasis chosen from the three below:

  • Business and Technology Marketing Emphasis: (3 courses from the following)
    • Strongly recommended: MKTG 185, 187, 188
    • Recommended: MKTG 175, 176, 186

  • Consumer and Channel Marketing Emphasis: (3 courses from the following)
    • Strongly recommended: MKTG 165, 175, 186, 187
    • Recommended: MKTG 176
  • Individually Designed Marketing Emphasis: (3 courses)
    • This emphasis must be developed with, and approved by, the student's marketing faculty advisor and marketing department chair. Normally, these three courses will be selected from among the following: MKTG 165, 175, 176, 178, 185, 186, 187, 188.

    Marketing majors are urged to complete the required Marketing Core courses (181, 182, 183) by early in their junior year. These courses provide a valuable foundation for subsequent marketing coursework. Students should then choose, from among three possible Areas of Marketing Emphasis, that area that best reflects or complements his/her career interests. For example, students interested in business to business and technology marketing should choose three courses from within the Business and Technology Marketing Emphasis. Those interested in consumer and retail marketing, and the role of various channel alternatives, such as the Internet, should select three courses from within the Consumer and Channel Marketing Emphasis. The Individually Designed Marketing Emphasis may be appropriate for students with more specialized career objectives and must be developed with their marketing department advisor.

    Additionally, the MKTG 198 Internship elective (1-3 units) might be chosen with an eye toward selecting an internship topic/company, where possible, which augments the student's career marketing goals. It should be noted, however, that MKTG 198 cannot be substituted for a course in any of the three Areas of Marketing Emphasis.

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