Santa Clara University

Niki A. den Nieuwenboer

Assistant Professor

den_nieuwendoer_aug10_150Niki A. den Nieuwenboer (Ph.D., RSM Erasmus University, the Netherlands) is joining the faculty at SCU in the Fall. Her research interests lie in the area of behavioral business ethics. She looks at the causes and processes that underlie good and bad behavior in firms, as well as at how perceptions of morally acceptable and unacceptable behavior are shaped by their social environment. Niki’s research is based on literature from social psychology, criminology, and sociology. Her current work explores how managers coerce employees to fake sales results, the role that social status drives have in the propensity to engage in deviance, and how institutional forces within organizations, and people’s incapacity to uphold norms and rules in a consistent manner, drive bad behavior in professional service firms.

Future work will also include the role of the bureaucratic environment and IT systems in the coming into being of deviant subcultures. Niki has published in the Journal of Business Ethics and was the runner up in the 2007 Annual Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, Center of Leadership and Ethics (COLE) Dissertation Proposal Competition. Niki will teach business ethics in SCU’s MBA program.

Niki holds a Masters of Arts in Social and Organizational Psychology (Leiden University, the Netherlands) and a Master in Applied Ethics (Catholic University Leuven, Belgium). Niki started her professional career as an internal organizational consultant. She later joined KPMG Forensic in Belgium where she advised companies on Business Ethics. She joins SCU straight from the doctoral program at RSM, where she also taught business ethics and leadership courses. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading and listening to music.



Phone: 408-554-4344


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