Santa Clara University

Chase Morgan MBA '12

Corporate Development and Strategy, Brocade

After a year and a half of real estate development work as a director of investment and market analytics, Chase Morgan took the next step in his career and became a full-time Evening MBA student at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business.

Wait – Isn’t that a step off the career path? Not at all. “An MBA shows that you have the capacity to learn and do business, which will help anyone advance their career,” said Morgan, who earned his undergraduate degree at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Guided by professors who are well-regarded scholars and well-connected in Silicon Valley, Chase not only gained essential knowledge to advance his career, but an expansive network of colleagues. “My network is unbelievable, both in size and quality,” Morgan explained. “As we grow throughout our careers, we can all tap into it if we need to, for business or for personal reasons.”

Chase’s network spans the globe, a result of the Global Perspectives class offered in the MBA program. Visiting roughly 20 companies in China in two weeks, Chase and his companions met with successful alumni, senior VPs, and C-level executives. “I would recommend going on a study abroad program through Santa Clara,” commented Morgan. “We were able to see behind the curtains of both large enterprises and small start-ups in an environment far different from that of the US. The most interesting aspect of this was the start-up atmosphere in China, which is completely opposite of Silicon Valley. It was a very heads-down working environment as opposed to the more laid back, collaborative start-up culture here.”

Santa Clara’s curriculum provided Chase with a well-rounded and fuller perspective on business. “I took the most difficult courses because I wanted to challenge myself and get the most out of this education,” explained Morgan. “So I took classes such as financial engineering and econometrics because everyone said they were the hardest classes on the planet.” Chase also participated in the Finance Connexion, the Network Athletic Connection and the Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC), all of which provided different perspectives of the business world through events and seminars they sponsored.

Chase believes that his current position at Brocade is a product of earning his MBA at Santa Clara. “Now, I’m doing mergers and acquisitions; I had no idea how do that before, but the classes I took at Santa Clara built the foundation I needed,” said Morgan. “By taking my previous knowledge and applying what I learned at SCU, I have been able to effectively demonstrate that I know how to value a business, I understand how a successful business works, and I know how to think strategically.”

With this foundation, Chase will be able to effectively work in any field – he’s already made the jump once, going from real estate to mergers and acquisitions. “There is really no telling where I’m going to go next, or where I’ll be in two years, let alone five,” Morgan said. But with this degree, he’ll be ready for whatever life brings him.