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Mission Statement 

To create a collaborative environment to inspire, educate, and equip students to use the power of business to make a social impact in the world.



Leadership Team


Visswapriya (Priya) Prabakar, President

Priya's first passion was design. She studied architecture in Anna University, Chennai, India and she holds a Masters Degree in Interior Design from Purdue University, IN. After working as a successful architectural lighting designer for several years, she began to wonder how she could use her passion for design to benefit the society. Priya decided to pursue an MBA at Santa Clara University to complement her design background with some solid business fundamentals. While at SCU, Priya became deeply inspired by Mark Kramer and Michael Porter's concept of 'Creating Shared Value' and hopes to inspire fellow MBA students to embrace the idea of creating businesses that have both economic and social impact.
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Silvi Shah Soni, Vice President of Operations

Silvi has a Bachelors degree in Finance from the York University, Toronto, Canada. She started her MBA at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California in 2012 and transferred to Santa Clara University in Fall 2013. With her passion in data analysis and financial reporting Silvi is all set to excel her concentration in Data Science and Business Analytics this year. She has an intellectually rewarding experience working as a research assistant for Loyola Marymount University and before that as a quality & internal control officer for Royal Bank of Canada. A proud mom of a charming daughter, she is fond of fictions and Indian classical dancing. An avid social networker, Silvi takes pleasure in organizing social and professional events. Her favorite tagline is - The best way to beat a challenge is to just do it.
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Asti Chandrakar, Vice President of Marketing and Social Media

Asti is a technology professional who led software product teams at Oracle Corporation and eBay Inc. She has an MS in Computer Science from Bhilai, India. The idea of seeking social and global goodness in the world of business fascinates her. She often refers to it as Responsible Business Management - the responsibility of co-creating a new business paradigm by mindfully collaborating with diverse stakeholders of culture, society and country. Asti avidly advocates the school of thought that acknowledges the social good and business best are not mutually exclusive, and that in fact wonders happen when they marry each other. Outside of school Asti enjoys working with grass rooted NGOs for senior citizens and special education for autistic children. Asti has been volunteering for a bunch of NGOs in her home country - Little Sisters' of the Poor home for elderly, Care n Love Home for orphan children, Auxilium Navajeevana home for destitute girl children at streets, Lakshya Sadhna school of autism and Asha school of severely handicapped and autistic, to name a few.
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Kanupriya Kabra, Vice President of Events

Kanupriya has masters in Computer Engineering with a focus on the research areas of wireless and sensor networks. She followed this up with a job at Cisco Systems where she worked on their intricate core router (CRS). She dove deep into the highly complex IOS-XR architecture and designed coded and resolved critical issues in high-pressure situations. She believes that her engineering background has provided her necessary technical foundation and an MBA from SCU would help her understand the value management process, and successfully take up the role of product manager. Her hobbies are painting and photography. She took up Plein Air Oil painting class under noted artists Brigitte Curt and Jim Smyth. As subtle differences in interpretation resulted in either an exceptional or an ordinary piece of artwork, she believes that one’s attitude towards life plays a key role in shaping their reality.
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Abeetha Bala, Vice President of Events (September 2014 - Jan 2015)

Susmita Dey Vice President of Finance

Susmita joined the MBA program at Santa Clara University in Fall 2014. She has a Bachelor's degree from Bangalore University in India and worked with Thomson Reuters for 5 years before moving to the US. She is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. In her previous role at Thomson Reuters, she initiated and led Black Belt projects as well as mentored Green Belts. With an MBA, she wants to enhance her analytical and problem solving skills beyond the Six Sigma principles. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading and traveling.
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