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IBN President: Madhulika Taneja

Madhulika is in her  second year in SCU's MBA program with a concentration in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing. Madhulika has spent her career working with international perspective. She has lived and worked in India, Kazakhstan, Europe, China and currently in USA. She is currently a Product Marketing Intern with eBay Inc. Madhulika joined the International Business Network to offer a unique Business & international perspective to the  SCU student body thereby enriching their graduate life experience by hosting a variety of events.


IBN Vice President: Anchit Sharma

Anchit is in his first year in SCU’s MBA program and plans to continue his studies with a concentration in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce. He has spent his career working on R&D projects in diverse industry sectors i.e.  Financial, Information Technology, Semiconductor and the Energy Sector. Currently he is working at Applied Materials as the Lead Software Developer of a first of its kind Solar Energy Product which intends to dramatically increase solar energy throughput. Along with his usual interests in Computer Game Design and Programming, he also has a strong interest in various Financial Investment Vehicles and their Strategies.  In his personal life Anchit is a passionate musician and spends time composing guitar instrumentals and EDM tracks.  Anchit joined the International Business Network to build connections with those who are interested in global business and help spread knowledge via exciting events.


IBN Chief Entertainment Officer: Peter Dollinger

Peter Dollinger is a man of mystery.  Hailing from parts unknown, his goals in life are to bring joy to others and learn business in an international context.  Peter graduated from UCLA with a degree in Mathematics.  While there he converted a vampire to vegetarianism.  In his free time Peter likes to emulate the tennis styling of the great Gael Monfils.


IBN Chief Logistics Officer: Yashasvi Shrivastava

Yash Shrivastava is in his second year MBA at Santa Clara University and is excited about doing business in international context. He has past experience working as a Software Engineer, Product Manager as well as an HR professional. In all the job roles he has been pretty heavily involved with teams spanning across geographies working closely with people from different countries and cultures. He has worked in Services companies like Cognizant Technologies as well as Product companies like Yahoo & PayPal. With experience working in countries like India & the US, he would be able to justify being a member of the InternationalBusiness Network at SCU.


IBN Chief Finance Officer: Colin Mitts

Colin, starting his 2nd year in SCU’s Emerging Professional MBA program, is exploring financial strategies and data science applications within entrepreneurial ventures.  He works with CTO Forum, a local non-profit technology, innovation and strategy think tank for Fortune 500 C-level executives.  Colin is passionate about working with innovators.  New products and services have the ability to expand social value and transform individual’s lives for the better.  Colin wants to assist in the innovation process from a financial and strategic perspective.  He is pursuing a career in venture capital, an enthusiastic alpine skier and enjoys cooking.  


IBN Chief Technology Officer: Ruchi Tandon

Ruchi is in her First Year in SCU's MBA program and is very excited to be part of the International Business Network. She joined the International Business Network to gain a deeper understanding of international business, especially when the concentration "Doing Business in International Context" is no longer being offered at SCU (MBA).Prior to joining this program, Ruchi worked as a Team Lead and Business Analyst, and handled multiple technical projects, at American Express in Phoenix, AZ. She has worked for over 5 years in 2 different countries, and led geographically distributed teams, spanning across 4 continents. She hopes to work towards exciting things through this network to bring people together and help build connections.In her spare time, Ruchi likes to read, go for happy hours, bike, experiment with food and explore new cities.



IBN Chief Marketing Officer: Marie Matiko

Marie loves Leavey! A 2nd year MBA, Marie’s sole motivation to return to school was to bring impactful solutions to fight Climate Change to the marketplace. Within 2 months of starting school, Typhoon Haiyan struck. Marie had to answer to her calling and bring her invention to market. Her portable solar charging station could help those left without electricity in the wake of a disaster. Leveraging the amazing resources of SCU, Marie is now CEO of Solarie Technologie ( to make her mission a reality. Marie is a former actress, most known for her starring role in Warner Bros’ “The Art of War”. A proud BroncoBruin, Marie received her BA in Geography/Environmental Engineering from UCLA.  Marie can be found skateboarding on campus or snowboarding in the Sierras or stressing out at the library at 2 a.m..
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