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What do Graduate Business Program Networks Provide?

  • connections with fellow students
  • curricular and extracurricular programming and events
  • information about industries and functions
  • interaction with Silicon Valley executives and entrepreneurs
  • leadership development opportunities

What is INC?

INC stands for the Inter-Network Council, and is comprised of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Presidents and their executive teams. The INC Chair and Vice-Chair plan the Graduate Business Programs' 3 flagship events in fall, winter and spring, as well as provide support and direction for the active networks. Each president and their executive teams are focused around a particular concentration or focus.

There are currently 9 active networks, including:

  • Entrepreneur's Connection
  • Finance Connexion
  • Food & Agribusiness Network
  • International Business Network
  • Information Systems Connexion
  • Marketing Network
  • Net Impact
  • Sports Business Network
  • Women in Business Network

Each network page can provide you with additional information.

There are currently 3 networks that are inactive and are looking for leadership and executive.

  • Consulting Club
  • Real Estate Network

Please contact Jen Visscher, INC Chair at if you are interested in starting these networks back up or would like more information.

Why would I join a network as a member or be part of the executive team?

There are many reasons for joining. We see the networks as an integral part of networking and learning, and feel that membership enhances your graduate experience in addition to helping you meet people from all different concentrations, walks of life etc. Being part of these teams also allows you to try out new skills in a safe learning environment, optimized for your growth. Holding an executive role expands your leadership skills and offers great resume material.

What does it mean to be a member of a network?

While we are constantly trying to improve the member experience, signing up to be a part of the network includes: receiving communication from that network, attending at least 2 events per year from that particular network, as well as additional perks that are specific to each network.

How do I become an executive member, and what responsibilities does being an executive member include?

Every year towards the end of spring quarter and into the summer, networks start looking for new executive members for the upcoming school year. The easiest way to become part of a network is to reach out to the particular network president or through their info email. Each team can provide you with information on what their needs are for the upcoming year.

Each team organizes the types of roles that are available, but most executive members are able to choose the particular skills they want to exercise, and hold a matching title to help them gain valuable resume experience along with additional leadership and networking skills.

Can I become an executive member if I just joined the program?

While some networks may have a full team already in place, you are definitely welcome to reach out to the team you are interested in. They may have open spots to fill. This is a great way to meet people as you join the program and get involved in all the great things happening right away.

How do I become a president of one of the networks?

Each year in the spring, the GBP office will send out applications to apply for presidency - we will put these applications on the website once available. While it is encouraged to be on a network as an executive prior to applying for presidency, it is not required. Details are below.

Required Term:
  • July 20xx-June 20xx (one year)
Required Hours:
  • 2-3 hours per month for INC meetings
  • 5-10 hours of planning and attending network specific events/activities per quarter
  • 10-15 hours for New Student Orientations, Leadership Events, and INC Events throughout the year
Required responsibilities:
  • Represent the graduate student population
  • Attend monthly Inter-Network Council Meetings
  • Assemble network leadership team to help plan and execute network and INC events
  • Participate in and actively plan INC events
  • Build network membership and engage graduate student community
  • Operate under the terms set forth by SCU, GBP Student Life, and the Inter-Network Council
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Current and active student status during Academic Year 20xx-20xx (year of applied presidency)
  • Must not graduate prior to Spring 2013
  • Must have a minimum of 12 quarter units

Can I only be an executive member for one year?

No, you are able to be an executive member for as long as you are part of the program.

I am graduating, can I still be a part of the network?

Absolutely! However, it will be in a slightly different position than an executive member.The networks encourage alumni advisors to help guide their programming, aid in marketing events to alumni and offer advice and support. Please contact the network that interests you for more information on how you can help your network as an alumni advisor.

Can I be a member of multiple networks?

Yes, we encourage it!

If you have any other questions or would like to meet for an in person chat about our networks, please contact Jen Visscher, INC Chair,


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