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Capstone : MSIS Graduation Information

Capstone is one of the final steps in completing your MSIS degree requirements.  To participate in this two-part course, student(s) must meet with the MSIS faculty director and determine an appropriate project.  Once a project has been determined and approved, the faculty director will assign a Capstone faculty advisor to the student(s).

Students working on the Capstone project must submit a Capstone Petition form with the approved topic, list of group members (if any), and signatures of the MSIS faculty director and advisor to the Graduate Business Programs Office in order to be administratively enrolled in the course.  Students will receive an e-mail confirmation that their form has been received, and enrollment is typically processed the week prior to the quarterly registration period.

Upon completion of the MSIS Capstone project, student participants must submit the MSIS Completion of Capstone Project form with the appropriate faculty signatures and the assigned grade to the Graduate Business Programs Office.  The grade will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for posting for both Capstone I and Capstone II courses.

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