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Use this website for information to prepare for graduation and participate in the Santa Clara University Commencement Ceremony in June. Organized in two parts, the site will provide you with academic/administrative information, details about the SCU Commencement Ceremony, and a complete set of FAQs.  Note: some pages will open in new windows.

The next Graduate Commencement is on Friday, June 13, 2014.

Preparing for Graduation

Academic and administrative information you need to ensure you are qualified to complete your degree and participate in University commencement ceremonies. Learn more

   Available Online  Deadline
 MSE or MSF Graduate Petition  2/15/2014  3/15/2014
 Degree Requirements completed by  Available Online  Deadline
 June of 2014  1/15/2014  2/15/2014
 September of 2014  2/15/2014  3/15/2014
 December of 2014  7/15/2014  8/15/2014
 March of 2015  11/15/2014  12/15/2014
 June of 2015  1/15/2015  2/15/2015
   Available Online  Deadline
I won't have my degree completed until December
2014 or later, but I'd like to participate in the
June 13, 2014 Commencement Ceremony.
 2/15/2014  3/15/2014

Upcoming Graduation Petitions

Graduation checklist  |  Capstone guidelines | Academic FAQs


Celebrating Graduation - the SCU Commencement Ceremony

Details for the University Commencement Ceremony for graduate students, held in June, including information about academic regalia and ceremony tickets. 

University Commencement website | Ceremony FAQs

Graduation Day Events Schedule- Friday, June 13, 2014


Time  Event  Location Cost  May guests attend?
3:00 PM  Hospitality Tent  Tent Pavilion,
Stanton Field 
none  n/a 
4:00 PM  Commencement Liturgy
(Catholic Mass) 
Leavey Center  none  yes 
5:00 PM GBP Commencement Gala  On Campus
TBD Yes tickets required for all guests
7:00 PM Graduates line up for procession  In front of SCU bookstore  n/a  no
7:30 PM  SCU Commencement Ceremony  Leavey Center  n/a  Ceremony ticket distribution is managed by the University Event Planning Office 
post-Ceremony President's Reception Malley Fitness Center n/a yes- unlimited, tickets aren't required

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