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Waitlist Procedures

Waitlists determine priority for enrollment in closed classes as seats become available. If you attempt to enroll in a class and it is full, most likely there is a waitlist option available that you can select. Please read this entire page carefully so that you are familiar with the waitlist procedures.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: You will automatically be added to the class if a space becomes available. Therefore, you are responsible for dropping yourself from the waitlist if you decide you do not want to be in the class.

ALL DROP FEES WILL APPLY if you have forgotten to drop yourself and find you have been officially enrolled in any class from a waitlist. Students are not charged for waitlist status. Enrollment on a waitlist will not be reflected on your financial statement, unless/until you are actually added to the class.


  • You will be automatically enrolled in the class if a space becomes available. You may check your eCampus enrollment status at any time to see if you have been officially added.
  • If there is a time conflict with another class you are enrolled in, the system cannot add you to the class, and you should not put yourself on the waitlist or anticipate entry into any class with a time conflict.
  • If you have already enrolled yourself into another section of the same class, the system cannot enroll you from the waitlisted section. This is considered multiple enrollment in the same class.
  • You must have met all course prerequisites for enrollment to be successful adding a class from a waitlist.
  • Your eCampus "VIEW MY SCHEDULE" will indicate your status as either waitlist or enrolled, and your place on the waitlist.

The waitlist process will run from the time a class first fills during appointment registration until the first day of class, when all waitlists will be purged from the system, and no further waitlist process will run for that quarter.

Students must check course availability to make any last-minute changes to their schedule through their own eCampus registration access.


  1. eCampus cannot choose which class you might want if you have a time conflict.
  2. If you have added yourself to a waitlist, you should check your status and placement on ECampus and drop yourself from any conflicting courses in order for the waitlist to successfully process further enrollment.
  3. Students must make the determination to drop any conflicting course or drop themselves from the waitlist to avoid automatic course enrollment. 

Students should NOT approach instructors to gain entry into a closed class. The limits are set by classroom capacity and no registration can be processed in full classes other than through the waitlist process.

Please call the Graduate Business Programs Office if you have questions: 408-554-5485

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