Santa Clara University

Policy Holds

A hold (also known as a ‘service indicator’) is placed on a students account to communicate important student information to various departments on campus. Some holds are for informational purposes only, while others suppress University services such as registration and the issuance of diplomas & transcripts.

Here is a listing of holds a student may see on his/her account:

Code Description Reason and Services Suppressed Contact
ADV Advising

Holds registration.

To Remove: Student needs to speak with their faculty academic advisor.

Draham Center 554-4918
LPF Late Payment Fee

Holds registration, transcripts & diplomas. Payment not received by deadline.

To Remove: Pay account balance, enroll in a payment plan or have qualified anticipated financial aid reflecting on account.

Bursar Office


NRF No Refund

Student, Parent or Dept. has requested that a refund not be granted. Usually associated with a payment plan or a pre-payment of tuition.

To Remove: Must speak with the Bursar office.

Bursar Office



Prior Collection

Holds registration. Student must pre-pay all enrollment costs (tuition, housing, insurance, fees, etc) in guaranteed funds prior to registering for each term.

To Remove: Must pre-pay 3 consecutive term payments. Removal of hold is the discretion of the Credit Counseling staff.

Credit Counseling



Payment Plan

Student on AMS payment plan. Does not suppress any services.

Bursar Office



Tution Remission

Faculty/Staff tuition remission for qualified SCU dependents and staff.

Does not suppress any services.

Human Resources


RGO Cowell

Holds registration. Student has not submitted proof of insurance to Cowell Health Center.

To Remove: Must show proof of insurance or purchase SCU insurance.

Cowell Health Center




Holds registration, transcripts & diplomas. Usually associated with a past due account balance or overdue parking fine.

To Remove: Must speak with Campus Safety or the Bursar office.

Campus Safety



Bursar Office



Credit Counseling Services 

Holds registration, transcripts & diplomas.

Account balance is extremely delinquent.

To Remove: Must speak with Credit Counseling.

Credit Counseling


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