Santa Clara University

Grading Policies in Graduate Business Program

The grading system is as follows:

A = 4.0 C+ = 2.3
A- = 3.7 C = 2.0
B+ = 3.3 C- = 1.7
B = 3.0 F = 0.0
B- = 2.7

C-minus (C-) is the minimal passing grade. A grade of F is given for performance that insufficiently demonstrates academic and professional competence.

When a student repeats a course after failing to pass it on the first attempt, the grade received on the second attempt shall replace the initial grade in the calculation of the student’s GPA. A failed course may be repeated only once. Both attempts are reflected on the student's transcript. A course completed with a passing grade may not be repeated.

Academic Standing
To qualify for the MBA or MSIS degree, a student must maintain an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 in all work taken in the Leavey School of Business. A grade of C- is considered a minimum passing grade in each course. A grade of F is considered a failing grade, and the units will not be counted toward graduation requirements.

Students who have completed fewer than 18 units and whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.8 will be placed on academic warning. On completion of 18 units, students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative average or be placed on academic probation. Once placed on probation, the student must raise his/her cumulative GPA to the 3.0 level within the next two quarters of attendance; otherwise, the student will be disqualified from the MBA or MSIS Program. If course work for degree requirements has been completed and a GPA of 3.0 has not been achieved, the student must raise the GPA to 3.0 by completing additional course work at Santa Clara in order to graduate.

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