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Student Testimonials

I led a three-person consulting team in developing a marketing strategy for QM Capital, a technology driven quantitative hedge fund. We segmented financial advisor market and created advisor personas to guide positioning. The outcome was a unique positioning strategy and comprehensive go-to-market plan, which we presented to the managing partners.

The BRIDGES program gave me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in marketing, which I had only done in an academic setting up to that point. This experience improved both my resume and my confidence. BRIDGES was a launching pad for my career change.  It was pivotal in helping me to land my next marketing internship.

For SCU MBA students seeking to change careers, BRIDGES gives you what is both extremely valuable and most elusive: direct experience in your target role. I would recommend BRIDGES to anyone that wants to make a change but doesn't know where to start.

Edward Gorenshteyn | Alumni, Class of 2011


I had the opportunity to work with a non-profit organic farm company called Cultivating Impact. My team and I developed a new marketing direction, reviewed grant options, and incorporated products in a business proposal aimed to generate future revenue growth and efficiency.

The BRIDGES program allowed me to gain valuable experience working with a company in the real world. I was able to lead and organize meetings between my group and Cultivating Impact managers, research and develop marketing recommendations, and present our final business proposal to the CEO and Board of Directors of Cultivating Impact. I am now able to leverage my experiences with Cultivating Impact towards my marketing career.

I would recommend the BRIDGES program to fellow classmates because the program allows you to gain experience working with real companies. I originally came from a science background and have been painstakingly moving my career towards marketing. The BRIDGES program gave me the knowledge and experience in marketing that I have now leveraged to get positions in marketing.

Jessica Kremer | MBA Candidate, Class of 2011


My BRIDGES group worked with a small energy company to evaluate profitability and feasibility of building an out-of-state ethanol production plant. My role was to conduct research on the industry trends and demands on bi-products that are derived from corn ethanol plants.  I learned practical financial challenges startup faces and challenged my team in resolving these issues. This program gave me a rare opportunity to learn about the energy industry.

For those seeking experience and challenging themselves on applying their MBA studies, the program allows you the flexibility and creativity in approaching practical challenges. There is no one set solution to each company's situation, which provides an MBA candidate the opportunity to flex his or her mind and knowledge.

Harold Lee | MBA Candidate, Class of 2011







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