Santa Clara University

A Unique Experiential Learning Opportunity

The BRIDGES Experiential Learning Program is a unique opportunity for both working professional and full-time Santa Clara University MBA candidates to further enhance their skills and real world experience through experiential learning projects. 

Matched with a Silicon Valley company or nonprofit organization, students will be tasked to solve a specific business challenge over the course of the summer using the skills acquired through their MBA education. Average expected commitment is 50 hours per student.

Benefits of Participating on a Bridges Project
  • Apply newly acquired MBA skills in a real-world business project and gain mentorship from your Project Lead Mentor.
  • Develop new relationships and broaden your network with fellow students and Bridges contacts.
  • Build your resume with a robust summer project

BRIDGES Experiential Project Details

•    Projects last approximately 8 weeks during the summer, typically starting in mid-June and concluding in late August.
•    You may apply with one or two other members. If you are applying alone, we will put groups together based on interest areas.
•    Project commitment will be between 80-200 team hours throughout the project, dependent on the size of the team. Average expected commitment is 50 hours per student.
•    Interest areas include Business Development, Business Analysis, Market Research, Marketing, Operations, and Strategic Planning.
•    To be considered for the BRIDGES Program, you need to have completed the following classes:  Finance 2452, and Marketing 3552.
•    A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required to participate.
•    No academic credit is earned for participation. 
•    You must be enrolled in the spring quarter and a continuing student past June 2015.
•    Note to International Students: If you are doing an internship using your CPT, you are not eligible to do a Bridges project.

How to Apply
  1. Click here to download an application form
  2. Submit your forms to by 5:00 p.m. on Friday May 15, 2015.
  3. Submit your resume with your application form.
Next Steps
  1. Once your application has been submitted, a project review team from the GBP staff will review it. Consideration will be given to match you with a project that matches your functional interest, but we cannot guarantee it. You will be notified no later than May 22 if you have been selected to participate.
  2. You will be required to attend a Bridges Student Orientation on May 26 or May 28.
  3. If you have been selected, you will be sent contact information of the employer you will be working with, along with the project specifics. You and the organization will set-up the kick-off meeting and determine how the work will be distributed throughout the project.
  4. Projects will kick off after finals in mid-June.


Sample Bridges Projectts

To give you an idea of a Bridges project, here are some sample projects from summer 2014.

  1. Work alongside seasoned VCs to research market applications in the growing area of IoT technologies
  2. Analyze options for paid marketing campaigns for a video start-up company
  3. Identify content and use case to drive user engagement for a mobile app
  4. Marketing project to evaluate a brand ambassador program for a mobile app
  5. Study customer data and make qualitative and quantitativerecommendations on how to improve the ease of doing business with a cloud company
  6. Analyze brand awareness of a well-established nonprofit, benchmark it and determine where gaps exist
  7. Pricing Model Development of a startup which is addressing the growing movement of applications moving to Clouds
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