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Resume Resources

Action Verbs Tip Sheet (pdf)

Strengthen your resume with these active verbs
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Industry-Specific Resume Tip Sheet (pdf)

Categorizes resume details by industry
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Relevant Skills Checklist (pdf)

Useful for identifying skills to include in your resume
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Impactful Resume Tips Presentation (pdf)

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Impactful Resume Tips (pdf)

Review this pdf for tips on honing your resume
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Writing Your Professional Summary  (pdf)

Tips to writing your professional summary for your resume.
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Resume Template (MBA) (.doc)
Resume Template (Executive MBA) (.doc)
Resume Template (MSF) (.doc)
Resume Template (MSIS) (.doc)

You must use one these templates for your resume to submit to the online platforms used by SCU Graduate Business Career Management

Broncolink Application / Agreement »

Online form to apply for access to BroncoLink; includes Professional Conduct Agreement
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