Santa Clara University

Resume Resources

Action Verbs Tip Sheet (pdf)

Strengthen your resume with these active verbs
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Industry-Specific Resume Tip Sheet (pdf)

Categorizes resume details by industry
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Relevant Skills Checklist (pdf)

Useful for identifying skills to include in your resume
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Impactful Resume Tips (pdf)

Review this pdf for tips on honing your resume
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Writing Your Professional Summary  (pdf)

Tips to writing your professional summary for your resume.
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Resume Example (pdf)

Review this sample resume to see the tips and techniques put to use
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Resume Template (.doc)

You must use this template for your resume to submit to the online platforms used by SCU Graduate Business Career Management
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Broncolink Application / Agreement »

Online form to apply for access to BroncoLink; includes Professional Conduct Agreement
Link to form here »

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