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Résumé Basics

What is a résumé?

Your professional résumé can be your first introduction to companies – incorporating material that would attract the reviewer's attention and persuade a prospective employer to hire you for the job is your focus. 

With a 30-second scan of your résumé, an employer wants a concise, chronological progression of your professional experience; this will help the recruiter or hiring manager assess:

  1. the impact that you have had to date and how that might translate into your fit and hireability, and
  2. whether your experience demonstrates the skills needed to perform well in the role he/she is seeking to fill 

While creating a résumé is no exact science, it is important to create a well-organized résumé that highlights your impact by providing numbers, percentages, statistics, and real business outcomes. 

Additionally, you must present clearly your professional goals and objectives, highlighting transferable skills from your past experiences and your LSB education that facilitate your career transition post-degree.

A resume is a marketing tool with one primary function – to get you the interview. It is a brief, clear representation of what you have to offer to an employer. The function of the resume is to impress the reader so that he/she wants to learn more about you. A resume also has a secondary function – to serve as a basis for discussion during the interview.

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