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Building Your LSB Resume

Graduate Business Career Management (GBCM) recommends you consider the following guidelines when creating your resume. The goal of these guidelines is to increase the appeal and effectiveness of your resume to potential employers.

Resume Checklist

Visually Appealing

  • Think about what an employer will remember about you after scanning your resume for 5 seconds. Is your resume laid out in a way that the reader understands who you are and what you are capable of contributing?
  • Clearly separate sections and make sure there is enough white space for recruiters to take notes in
  • Limit font size changes within your resume
  • Bold the second line of each section on both the left and right side of your resume
  • Use text styles ("all caps", "small caps", bolding, italics, etc.) to draw the recruiter to the most important information (e.g. company, position, clients, locations, schools) relevant to your aspirations
  • Eliminate unnecessary articles (the, a, an) and filler words (both, a variety of, various)    
  • Demonstrate good attention to detail – no typographical or grammatical errors
  • Use tabs followed by the space bar for aligning information
  • View your resume in PDF form to check in general as well as for extraneous, non-translatable characters and bullets that appear as "?"    
  • Focus your resume on the future and not the past by ensuring the information included on your resume is relevant to future employers. Eliminate or shorten to one line non-applicable bullets
  • Think about the 3-5 key skills that are required for the industry/function you are interested in
  • Communicate how you have demonstrated these skills in your previous experiences. Avoid laundry lists of job descriptions; highlight your transferable skills. Avoid empty descriptive words (successful, very)
  • Start each bullet with an action verb. Avoid using the words "responsible for." Avoid duplication in your action verbs. Avoid bullets that are longer than 4 lines. Including only 1 bullet under a specific position is fine – it means you only have 1 relevant (to your future) achievement you wish to highlight
  • Focus on making each bullet an accomplishment rather than a description of your responsibilities. Each bullet should explain not just what happened (project / problem) but also how (action) you did it and the outcome (result) of your actions
  • Demonstrate the results achieved in either quantitative or qualitative measures. Ask "so what" – just because you did something or did it for a long time does not mean you were good at it or that you made a positive impact on the organization. If you cannot comment on the end result, comment on the process or context. Make a comparison. (That being said, be alert to not sharing confidential company information)Think about the order of your bullets. Make sure the bullets that are most relevant to future employers are listed first. Combine relevant bullets or group bullets by competency with a blank line or sub-heading in-between
  • Use the additional information section to convey interests, attributes or skills not evident from your education or work experience. Use your extracurricular activities to signal areas of interest
  • When writing or revising your résumé, consider content, the information that is presented, and presentation, the way in which you present this information. It's important to create a résumé that is visually pleasing because quite often people judge a book by its cover. While there is no right way to write a résumé, do know that some techniques work and others don't. Lastly, make sure to spell check all documents and have at least two other people proofread your résumé for errors, because a grammatical or typographical error at this level is not tolerated. Be sure to use powerful wording to demonstrate your skills.  Bullets should start with action verbs.  
  1. One page saved in MS Word as FIRST NAME_LAST NAME_PROGRAM_VERSION.doc for GBCM. Your resume should be saved as a PDF for distribution to employers unless otherwise specified.
  2. Margins are at least a 0.5-inch and consistent on all sides. Margins were altered via File/Page set Up, NOT by moving arrows on the top ruler.A consistent font size of 10 to 12 points and font type of Times New Roman, Arial, Palatino, Garamond of Century Gothic are consistently used throughout.
  3. Name is enlarged for emphasis and an email address that you check daily is included.
  4. Headings are presented consistently in each area. 
Header Format Example
Position Title
Employer / Organization, City State
Start Date - End Date
is different from
Employer / Organization, City, State
Position Title
Start Date - End Date

  • Multiple positions with one employer are consolidated following the appropriate employer entry:     
Multiple positions with One Employer Format Example
Employer / Organization City, State
Position Title
—Managed X, Y, and Z
—Created X, Y, and Z
Start Date - End Date
Position Title
—Orchestrated X, Y, and Z
—Coordinated X, Y, and Z
Start Date - End Date

  • Dates are specified as Month and Year or Year.
  • All bullet points begin with an action verb in the appropriate tense.
  • Bullets highlight accomplishments and results, rather than listing job responsibilities.There are no personal pronouns, abbreviations or acronyms and the first person, I, is not used.

Download the attachments below to see additional information on building and crafting your resume. An example resume is provided as well as a .doc template is available to help you design your finished product. 

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Resume Template (MBA) (.doc) (note: download into Microsoft Word in order to assure template format)

Resume Template (Executive MBA) (.doc) (note: download into Microsoft Word in order to assure template format)

Resume Template (MSF) (.doc) (note: download into Microsoft Word in order to assure template format)

Resume Template (MSIS) (.doc) (note: download into Microsoft Word in order to assure template format)

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