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Broncolink Account Request / Recruiting and Social Media Conduct Agreement 2014-15

Please fill out the following fields in the Broncolink Account Request Form and GBCM Career Management Recruiting and Social Media Conduct Agreement for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Broncolink Account Request / Recruiting and Social Media Conduct Agreement 2014-15

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GBCM Recruiting and Social Media Conduct Agreement 2014-2015

As a graduate student at Santa Clara University (SCU), I am preparing to conduct professional interactions in which I will be held to a high ethical standard and level of personal responsibility. My actions reflect upon SCU, my fellow students and myself. Graduate Business Career Management is committed to helping me develop the skills necessary to succeed in building professional connections and pursuing professional opportunities.

The following policies and principles have been established to ensure my professionalism during the career development and job/internship search process. I understand I am expected to adhere to these principles and standards in all of my interactions on and off campus, with GBCM, alumni, employers, community members and any other SCU student, faculty or staff member. I also understand that SCU holds itself and its employer partners to the highest level of professional integrity and social responsibility.

Section I:  Professional Conduct

Honesty and Integrity
I understand that honesty and integrity throughout the career development and job/internship search process are critical and any dishonesty will directly affect me. Therefore, I will provide accurate information in all materials and actions in the pursuit of a meaningful professional future.

Professional Communication
I understand that communicating and presenting myself in a professional manner and being courteous and respectful in my dealings with others ? whether such interactions are in person, in writing, by phone, by email or through social media ? is critical in my job/internship search as well as for my professional development.

I will:

  • Monitor publicly available content by and about me (text, voice and picture) that I am actively using in my job search, including content and photos on Google mail, personal blogs and social networking sites, and make reasonable efforts to remove material that professionals may deem inappropriate or unprofessional
  • Acknowledge calls, emails and invitations for interviews, events and informational discussions and respond appropriately in a timely manner
  • Attend all one-on-one and group interactions with employers, alumni and other professionals (including on and off-campus interviews, information sessions, employer site visits and career fairs) that I have scheduled. I will provide two business days notice for any cancellation, if possible, and notify GBCM should any unforeseen circumstances occur that prevent my participation
  • Withdraw from all internship search activities once I have accepted an offer for that particular quarter or summer
  • Withdraw from all job search activities once I have accepted an employment offer

Section II:  On Campus Interviewing (OCI) Standards

On Campus Interviewing Eligibility

  • Current graduate students who have completed at least one quarter at Santa Clara University
  • Alumni within six months of graduation

We recommend that students sign up for a video recorded mock interview. To register for a mock interview, go to

By participating in the On-Campus Interviewing (OCI)  Program, I agree to:

  • Apply only to those positions that I am interested in, qualified for, and wish to pursue
  • Honor all interview commitments I make
  • Represent myself accurately and honestly on resumes and in interviews
  • Stop interviewing when I have accepted a job offer
  • Respond to GBCM surveys about your OCI experience and job offer status
  • Accept a job offer in good faith with the intention of honoring that commitment. (See policy on reneging below)

Students are required to represent themselves truthfully and ethically to employers, the University, and GBCM. GPA?s, personal and professional accomplishments, majors/minors, participation in honors programs, and work status (visa status vs. permanent resident) must all be represented accurately and truthfully. Students that falsify accomplishments or misrepresent themselves will be prohibited from further participation in the On-Campus Interviewing Program. All instances of falsification or  misrepresentation will be referred to the Director of GBCM.

Interview Cancellation/No-shows/Late Arrival/Reneges
I may be selected for an interview by an employer or an alumnus and choose to decline it. If I do schedule an interview or informational interview, I understand that I am expected to attend. If I need to cancel, I understand that I must email at least two business days prior to my interview date/time.

If I fail to do so, my access to GBCM Job Boards may be immediately revoked. At GBCM?s discretion, my access may be reinstated by taking the following actions:

  • Writing a formal letter of apology to the employer and/or alumnus.
  • Meeting with the Director of GBCM to discuss the reason for my absence, and to review my apology letter.

If I fail to attend a second interview, SCU reserves the right to suspend me from all GBCM recruiting outlets. Also, note that if you are late to an interview, the employer at his/her discretion may choose not to continue the interview process with you.

Reneging on an Offer
GBCM considers reneging to be a very serious matter. While we understand  that in rare instances you may have a situation that requires you to renege, we require that you take the following steps:

  • Immediately contact the GBCM Director to discuss your situation BEFORE you renege on your offer. GBCM will work with you on a strategy to handle the situation professionally and to protect the relationship that SCU has with the employer.
  • Meet with the employer IN PERSON to explain why you are unable to accept the job offer. Emails, letters and phone calls are not acceptable protocol in a renege situation.

Depending on your situation and how you handle it, the Director will have the discretion to suspend your GBCM Job Board access for one year and ban you from GBCM services during that period.

Section III:   GBCM Job Board Access
GBCM job boards are available to all graduate business students and alumni.  In order to receive access to the job boards (Broncolink, GBCM LI group), you must:

  • Read and sign this Graduate Business Career Management Recruiting and Social Media Conduct Agreement annually
  • Create your one-page resume in the required template and submit it through the GBCM web site for approval

Section IV:  Work Authorization
To ensure compliance with student visa requirements and Department of Homeland Security rules, international students must follow all ISS policies regarding volunteer activities, CPT, paid or unpaid job or internship offers.

Section V:  Guidelines for Social Media
As social media and online tools continue to grow and expand, it's important that your online presence reflect your personal brand.  As a member of the SCU community you now have an obligation to help us all uphold the university's brand and reputation. To that end, we ask that you follow these guideines to participatein the GBCM LinkedIn group and any other social media tools:

  • Use a professional photo in your LinkedIn profile
  • Follow the guidelines specified in our resume template on how to format your SCU degree
  • Update your profile so that it is 100% complete

Section VI:  Guidelines for Alumni Networking
I will network with alumni in a professional manner. As I engage with alumni I will:

  • Ask for advice, information, and referrals; I will not ask for a job or internship
  • Follow-up with a brief thank you letter after networking with an individual
  • Not spam a contact with multiple e-mails or stalk with multiple phone calls
  • Not ask a networking contact to mass distribute my resume
  • Not share networking contacts? information with others, without permission

Failure to adhere to this Agreement may result in:

  • Removal from the GBCM Group on LinkedIn
  • Revocation of access to Broncolink or any other Job Boards
  • Suspension of all GBCM services
  • Mandatory meeting with GBCM Director

Note These SCU resources are provided for the exclusive use of SCU students, administrators, faculty and alumni. Sharing of restricted information beyond the SCU community is prohibited and may result in your access being suspended and/or terminated.

I have read and consent to Section I : Professional Conduct

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I have read and consent to Section II: GBCM Job Board Access

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I have read and consent to Section III: On-Campus Interviewing Standards

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I have read and consent to Section IV: Work Authorization

Yes    No    

I have read and consent to Section V: Guidelines for Social Media

Yes    No    

I have read and consent to Section VI: Alumni Networking Guidelines

Yes    No    
By submitting this document, I agree to adhere to SCU's guidelines and policies required to conduct myself with integrity in a professional and socially responsible manner. I have read and understand the consequence of inappropriate behavior.
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