Santa Clara University

GBCM Resume Process

Use this site during your time at SCU to assist you in the building and branding of your resume. 

To assist Graduate Business students in preparation for the job search and other important events, all resumes must be completed in the one-page template provided in this site for access to the job boards. This template fits within the requirements of the primary job resource tools the GBCM uses to assist you in your career search. 

Resume Submission Guidelines

  1. Review Creating a High Impact Resume Video (20 minutes) containing important information for not only building your resume, but for the critical approval process for access to GBCM job boards.
  2. Create your resume in the GBCM resume template in a Microsoft word doc.
  3. Upload your resume in Leavey Career Net and create your profile.

Resumes should be submitted through the resume review request form here »

Once the first version of the resume is received, it will be reviewed in five (5) business days and returned to you via email to make any recommended changes.

Once the revisions are incorporated, email your updated resume back to your corresponding career consultant directly. The resume will then be reviewed and returned within five working days for one last round of revisions.

GBCM Resume Approval and Job Board Access
You must have an approved resume in the one-page template for access to the Leavey Career Net job board. 

Leavey Career Net

Leavey Career Net allows all Santa Clara students and alumni access to resume services, on-campus jobs, internships and full-time positions. Access Leavey Career Net  here>>>


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