Santa Clara University

The Future Way of Working: The Distributed Company

Friday, October 11
6:45 - 8:45 PM
Forbes Family Conference Center (Lucas Hall 126)

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The concept of a company and its productivity is still largely tied to the physical - an office with desks and chairs, busy hallways and floors full of employees. But what if a company had no offices? How would you know if your company and its workers were being productive?

Automattic, makers of, is a completely-distributed global company with no offices, and they're making a big impact - they're one of the most-trafficked networks in the US. 

Sara Rosso, Automattic's VIP Global Services Manager will chat about how they stay productive and work as a company, and if being distributed is the future way of working for everyone. 

Sara Rosso

Sara is VIP Global Services Manager at Automattic ( She has worked in technology since 1996 for companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Ogilvy, and she graduated from Santa Clara University with an MBA in Leading People and Organizations, and Managing Innovation and Technology in 2003. Sara is also a writer, photographer, technology lover, and business & digital strategist. Originally from California, she's been living in Italy for ten years and is currently in Milan.




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