Santa Clara University

Beyond B. School LinkedIn Intensive

Participate in this not-to-missed LinkedIn Intensive, a four-module series designed specifically for graduate business students. 

Here are the topics that will be covered: 

  • Why LinkedIn is critical to professional success
  • The four key elements of LinkedIn
  • How to make your LinkedIn profile show up in all the right searches
  • Three secrets to sleuthing to find your next manager on LinkedIn-The unexpected connections strategy that will maximize your visibility on LinkedIn
  • How to brand your summary and other content so people take notice and want to get to know you
  • How to use LinkedIn as your personal website
  • Strategies for using multi-media to stand out, deliver a powerful message and attract the attention of hiring managers and recruiters
  • Three ways to maximize LinkedIn that will put you ahead of the pack
  • Non-LinkedIn tools that will help you get the most from LinkedIn
  • Three ways to get noticed by your connections
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Module 1  Build your Personal Brand

Module 2  Create a Stellar Profile

Module 3 Making the Right Connections

Module 4  Spend 9 Minutes a Day for Career Advancement

Course Materials:

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