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BRIDGES Experiential Learning Projects

If you are interested in having a team of top MBA talent address a pressing business issue, then consider participating in BRIDGES 2015.

Our Evening, Accelerated and Executive MBA students are often unable to participate in traditional internships due to their program schedule and current employment obligations. The BRIDGES program provides our students with practical learning opportunities focused on applying the skills and knowledge gained from their MBA program to address real-time business issues. BRIDGES provides your organization with a team of two to four students to tackle a project that you define in cooperation with the students.

Participation in BRIDGES is a great ROI for your organization, as it is a cost-effective approach for addressing current business challenges your organization may be facing, as well as a low-risk recruiting opportunity to preview the quality of SCU MBAs.

BRIDGES Project Details

•    Projects last approximately 8 weeks during the summer, typically starting in mid-June and concluding in late August.
•    Companies provide a project proposal based on an existing business issue.
•    Based on students’ profiles and their professional aspirations, Graduate Business Career Management staff will match students with projects.
•    A project checkpoint by Graduate Business Career Management Program staff occurs mid-way during the project to ensure company expectations are being met.
•    Company commitment is relatively low with 2-4 hours of planning/scoping time with the students, 3-6 hours during the life of the project and 2-3 hours for the final executive-level presentation.
•    Bridges projects are not affiliated with academic course credits. Participants are able to sign non-disclosure agreements if necessary.

Application Process
  1. First, complete a project proposal form. Send the completed proposal to Graduate Business Career Management by May 1, 2015. Should your project be selected there is a nominal administration fee of $500 to participate ($200 for not-for-profit organizations).
  2. Your proposal will be reviewed to ensure the scope is realistic for the 80-200 total team hour commitment and that it will be beneficial to students.
  3. Your organization may submit more than one project proposal. It is recommended that the proposals be distinct in business challenge without interdependencies.
  4. You will be notified by May 22nd if your proposal has been selected. We may have more projects than students; projects proposals will be evaluated for best fit of SCU MBA students’ professional development. (See below for more detail.)
Your Commitment
  1. Commitment from a company representative to serve as the Project Lead Mentor. The role of the mentor is to refine the project scope if needed, provide access to information and resources as necessary, spend time working with and guiding the team, schedule the final presentation, and complete a feedback survey.
  2. The Project Lead Mentor does not need to be the day-to-day supervisor. However the expectation is at least weekly interaction between the mentor and the project team.
  3. The Project Lead Mentor will be the organization liaison with Graduate Business Career Management staff; advise us on project progression and alert Graduate Business Program staff should the project get off track.
Projects most likely to be selected
  1. Have a clearly defined scope that is manageable within 80-200 total team hours across 8 weeks.
  2. Have clear needs, expectations, and goals related to a current business issue.
  3. Allow MBAs to apply advanced business skills to a real-world problem.
  4. Provide a sense of business value to the client’s organization.
  5. Create networking opportunities within your organization and/or with your clients.
Next Steps

Once your proposal has been submitted, you will be notified if your project has been selected by May 22nd, 2015. If selected, you will receive an introductory email including the names of the team members in addition to their contact information and résumés. The student team lead will contact you and establish a mutually beneficial kick-off meeting.

We hope you will join us to connect Santa Clara MBAs with opportunities at your organization. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact, Graduate Business Career Management (; 408-554-5485).

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