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Global Business Perspectives FAQ

  • icon1.) What are Global Business Perspective trips?

    Global Business Perspectives trips are exciting ways to get experience and a hands-on education that is not possible through textbooks and classroom learning.  They allow students opportunities to gain international business experience, which is vital in order to become competitive in the global marketplace.

  • icon2.) How long are the trips and what is the method of instruction?

    The Santa Clara University Global Business Perspectives program offers one- to two-week intensive business courses in many exciting places, and students will examine critical factors impacting a global economy.  Students gain experience in a global business environment through topical case discussions, corporate site visits, meetings with local business leaders, and interviews with government representatives.

  • icon3.) What locations are available for the Global Business Perspectives program?

     The Global Business Perspectives program offers trips to several different locations per year.  To see the locations that are being offered this year, please visit 2013 Trips.  If you would like to see photos and testimonials from our trips from previous years, please visit Testimonials. 2014 trip locations and details will be available in late Fall 2013/early Winter 2014. Each of our trips offers unique experiences and indispensible educational value.  Make sure to research each of our trips to ensure that you participate in the one that best suits your wants and needs!

  • icon4.) What requirements must I meet to be able to participate in the Global Business Perspectives program?

     In order to qualify for a study abroad trip, students must have 2 quarters of residency and maintain a good academic standing of 3.0 GPA at registration and at time of travel.  You must also have a valid passport, so plan accordingly.  There may be more prerequisites that are specific to each trip, and they will vary based on the focus of the trip.  Prerequisite details for each trip are available on the application forms.

  • icon5.) What is the cost of a trip and what does this cost include?

    In addition to tuition, there is an administrative fee, which varies depending on the trip location.  The administrative fee includes cultural/academic direction, lodging, most meals, and local transportation.  Airfare to and from the host country is not included, so please plan accordingly.

  • icon6.) What degree requirements does a Global Business Perspectives trip fulfill?

    All trips fulfill 3 units of electives.  In addition to these elective units, some trips count towards certain concentrations (depending on the trip).

  • icon7.) How many trips may I take with the Global Business Perspectives program?

    Each student may take up to 2 trips with the Global Business Perspectives program.  Each of these trips will count for 3 elective units, and may possibly count towards a concentration, depending on the trip.

  • icon8.) Can I use my financial aid towards a Global Business Perspectives trip?

    Because these are educational trips, students may use financial aid to cover the entire cost of the program.  Not all trip expenses (ie: airfare, ground transportation, and some meals) will be charged to your eCampus account, but you can use your financial aid to cover these costs as well.  Please talk with an adviser at the Financial Aid office as soon as you have received a confirmation of acceptance into the program so that you can work out a budget for your trip.  Advisers at the Financial Aid office will have a full list of costs and will gladly work with you to get reimbursed for these expenses.

  • icon9.) How do I apply for a Global Business Perspectives trip?

    Once the trip locations and details are finalized for 2014 trips links will be available on the informational page for each upcoming trip.  All applications will be reviewed by the Global Business Perspectives department.  Please note that you are NOT officially in the program until your application has been confirmed by the GBP department.  You will be asked to submit the application, a biographical statement, a résumé, and an agreement to pay the registration deposit.   A $500 non-refundable deposit will be charged to your eCampus account after you are accepted into the program.  More information about the biographical information and the résumé can be found on the application page.

  • icon10.) When is the deadline to apply for a Global Business Perspectives trip?

    Please check the individual trip webpages for more information and application deadlines.  This information will vary according to the trip. Many trips fill up quickly. Deadlines begin in late Fall 2013.

  • icon11.) With whom can I talk for more information?

    If you have any questions that were not answered by the information on this site, please send an email to and we will respond to your question as soon as we are able!