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Offering students a deeper understanding of the
global context of their lives and work.

Business today is conducted in the global environment. It is important for any effective and forward-looking business person in the current world economy to understand the similarities, differences, and unique elements of different world markets. The Global Business Perspectives courses offer students the unique opportunity to examine various and complex issues relating to conducting business in various international markets, from the perspective of experts in selected countries. The courses are designed to provide an in-depth exposure to relevant cultural, legal, and sociopolitical aspects of the business environment of the particular country, with an emphasis placed on issues unique to the particular country. Professionals and experts who work and teach in the selected country provide unique insights and expertise on multi-faceted aspects of the business environment in that country that cannot be provided by their U.S. equivalents.

Each year, we offer a selection of courses targeting different markets and countries. This year, we present

Washington D.C.


Budapest/ Prague
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