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Meir Statman : Behavioral Finance Collection

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"What Investors Really Want"
McGraw-Hill 2011 (Table of contents and introduction)



"What is behavioral finance?" CFA, 2011

Normal Investors, Then and Now Financial Analysts Journal, March/April 2005

Portfolio Optimization with Mental Accounts, (w Das, H Markowitz, and J. Scheid) Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming, 2009

Affect in a Behavioral Asset-Pricing Model (w. K. Fisher and D. Anginer) Financial Analysts Journal, March/ April 2008

Countries and Culture in Behavioral Finance CFA Institute Conference Proceedings Quarterly, September 2008

Cognitive Biases Series, IMCA's Monitor, 2006

Emotions series IMCA's Monitor, March 2007 - January 2008

Martha Stewart's Lessons in Behavioral Finance Journal of Investment Consulting, Winter 2005

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