Santa Clara University

Food & Agribusiness Institute
Location: Lucas Hall

Courtney Robinson

Research Manager

Courtney is in her last year of SCU's Master in Business Administration Degree, and serves as the Inter-Network Council Vice Chair within the program. She works as a Research Manager with the Food & Agribusiness Institute. Her main project at FAI is managing the "Real Cost of a Healthy Meal" study in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. This study aims to determine whether or not individuals residing in these counties can attain a healthy meal, by USDA guidelines, for the cost that CalFresh (Foodstamps) allots.

For fun, Courtney studied abroad in Kenya, as well as travelled with FAI's immersion team to Ghana and Burma. She was also a participant in the 2014 SCU IFAMA team, which took second place in South Africa this past summer. In her spare time she enjoys reading, baking, and traveling.

Connect with her at on LinkedIn here.  

Q&A by Ian McCluskey:

Fiction or non-fiction? And what is your favorite book of all time?

Non-Fiction. My favorite book of all time is probably Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. I find it extremely interesting how all three of those aspects truly shaped modern day society.

Would you share your favorite secret baked good recipe with us?

Yes, although I have too many favorite baked goods. My favorite would probably be spice cake with cream cheese frosting--my mom has made that cake for my birthday every year since I was little.

Any plans to return to Africa?

YES! Not official plans yet, but my next trip will be to Eastern Africa, specifically Zanzibar, Addis Ababba, and then to peruse around the Serengeti.

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