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  • enrichmentField Trips Description

    Twice each year, the Food & Agribusiness Institute sponsors field trips to visit firms and executives competing in the food industry. Locations and companies are chosen to expose students to a wide range of food industry activities. The itinerary is often focused on a theme, such as the fresh-vegetable industry or consumer marketing of food products. The typical site visit begins with a brief introduction to the business by a senior executive, followed by a tour of the facilities. After completing the tour, the group meets with an executive of the firm who makes a presentation concerning his or her area of expertise and answers questions. Participation in the Institute's trips helps students learn firsthand about the many diverse and specialized functions performed by modern food and agricultural businesses. Robert Mondavi winery in the Napa Valley, Lamb-Weston in central Washington state, Sun-Diamond Growers in central California and the Vessey Company of Mexicali, Mexico, are among the many firms that have hosted a visit from the Institute's students.

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