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  •  The History of the Food and Agribusiness Institute

    Nima Shahidinia, an undergraduate research assistant for the Food and Agribusiness Institute, is currently working on a research project regarding the history of the Food and Agribusiness Institute.

    He and the Program Manager, Jessica Gagnon, believe this project will document the legacy of the Institute.  By understanding its history, the Institute can innovate and grow as a program. The project will produce both a smaller profile that will provide a more summarized history of the Institute, and a larger document that will provide a more detailed description of the Institute, people who helped it run, and past/recurring events.

    Much of Shahidinia’s information will come from newsletters that the Institute has published as far back as 1980. From these, He will gather information on past and recurring events, former students and staff, and the development of the Institute. He will also interview former and current faculty and staff of the Institute. If alumni wish to contribute to this exciting project, please contact the Institute at

    Shahidinia plans on finishing the project in the spring of 2010. Parts of the history project will be included in future newsletters. The finished product will be viewable online upon its completion.

  •  FAI Hosts the Food and Agribusiness Market Experience (FAME)

    From November 8-10, FAI hosted the California portion of the Food and Agribusiness Market Experience (FAME). Around 30 food professionals from New Zealand attended this event, which focused on professional development in the food and agribusiness sectors.

    When the group arrived, Dr. Baker led them on a tour of Whole Foods, Safeway, and Costco.

    On Day 2, presentations were given by Dr. S. Andrew Starbird (Interim Dean, Leavey School of Business), Dr. Gregory A.  Baker (Director, Food and Agribusiness Institute), Jessica Gagnon (Program Manager, Food & Agribusiness Institute), and alumni (’83) and Advisory Board member John Hasbrook (Sunwest Foods).

    The group then travelled to Salinas Valley for a facilitated field experience in the fresh cut produce industry. A discussion followed on Food Safety, Quality Control, and the California Leafy Greens Vegetable Marketing Agreement led by alumni (’83) Joe Pezzini (Ocean Mist Farms) & Advisory Board member Jim Lugg (Fresh Express).

    On Day 3, presentations were given by Dr. Andy Tsay (Professor of Operations & Management Information Systems), Don Goodwin (Golden Sun Marketing & Disney Imagination Farms), and Bob Pastorino (Harman Distribution Center).

    There was also a Food Service Industry panel, which consisted of alumni (’77) and Advisory Board member, Joe Pert (President, Basic American Foods), Advisory Board member, Rob DiNapoli (Senior Manager, Corporate and National Accounts, DiNapoli Specialty Foods) and James Jackson (Chief Financial Officer, Harman Management Corporation).

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