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  •  Hunger Week Recap

    On behalf of FAI and BTGAP, we would like to thank all who were able to participate in Hunger Week for making it such a success!

    Moreover, SCU’s newest club BTGAP had an excellent debut as a club and particularly made last week a success through extensive outreach to students, active Facebook posts of hunger facts, and raising general awareness about Hunger. Here’s a short recap of the week!

    Monday May 20th, Hunger Week kicked off with the documentary “A Place at the Table,” followed by a discussion on current hunger issues in the US. Overall, students took away a much greater awareness of the issue and enthusiasm for the rest of the Hunger Week events.

    On Tuesday May 21st, the inspiring Paul Matteucci spoke on his fascinating venture Feeding10Billion. There was a large showing of students, in which many spoke to Paul after about their own business ideas for sustainable ways to feed the eventual world population of 10 billion.

    Wednesday May 22nd several Santa Clara students, as well as students from a local elementary school, joined forces to bag 300 lbs of dry pinto beans into smaller 4 lb portions to hand out to local farm workers. The beans were distributed out to over 70 farm-working families at a Salinas berry farm this past Monday.

    Finally, an all day fast ending with a feast on Thursday May 23rd concluded Hunger Week. Students wore yellow wristbands all day to raise hunger awareness, and were sure to make the feast later that evening.

    Once again, we can’t thank everyone who participated enough. We hope that everyone was able to take away a heightened awareness of current hunger issues and can’t wait until next year’s Hunger Week!

  •  Hunger Week: Documentary Screening



    Make sure you don’t miss out on the first event of Santa Clara’s Hunger Week. The viewing will be of “A Place at the Table,” a documentary that focuses on poverty, hunger, and under-nutrition in America.  Shockingly, there are “50 million people in the U.S.- one in four children- don’t know where their next meal is coming from, despite our having the means to provide nutritious, affordable food for all Americans.” This documentary will open your eyes to a growing problem in the United States that needs to be dealt with now.


    Monday May 20th  at 7:00pm


    Kennedy Commons


    This is a growing problem in our country and it needs people like you to solve it. This film is inspiring and has an interesting, eye-opening message.

    It is also a way to get involved with SCU’s newest club BTGAP, Bridging the Gap to Alleviating Poverty. The club has a lot of opportunities available for its members, so get involved now!


    If you’re not already convinced to come, there will be free snacks courtesy of BTGAP.

    We hope to see you there! This is a great opportunity to learn more about current issues in the US, as well as get involved on campus in SCU’s newest club BTGAP! Make sure to spread the word about Hunger Week by adding #scuhungerweek2013 to your Instagrams/Twitter/Facebook images of the events!

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